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Any place can be home if you let it. 

Where's yours?


Hi! 👋🏼 I'm Becky, let's be friends! I have always been a creative person. From composing music to cooking to creating art, this is me. I am fascinated by how things work and am constantly learning and exploring. Follow me on social media to see my process, my inspiration, and more about me!


Stampily is a unique stationery and wall-prints line of states and countries. Based in Nashville, Stampily's style combines rustic charm with a clean and modern look. Items are created from hand-carved linoleum which is individually inked and pressed onto textured paper, giving each print its own unique character. Items include a heart stamped on a specific city that indicates where home is or where someone is sending their love from. Customers choose where the heart goes so each piece is personalized to them. 

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